Survivor Stories

Tomorrow Will Be Better!

Enough is enough, I’m sick of your stuff!
If I come home late from work,
You act crazy and go berserk.
You won’t let me have any friends,
I feel like my world is coming to an end.

My family won’t have anything to do with me,
Whenever I call they don’t answer or are too busy.
You beat me like I stole something,
I wake up gasping for air.

You don’t like the way I dress.
When we first met you were really impressed.
You hate my older kids,
Any contact you always forbid.

You keep on saying “nobody wants you and
All those kids, but me,”
The thought of that is really spooky!
Why can’t you be more like your mother?
She is strong like a Army soldier.

It got so bad I couldn’t go outside,
Not even for a simple joy ride.
I couldn’t have money or private phone calls,
He wanted them on the speaker phone.
In a room full of people I felt alone.

I didn’t go to school, I was the biggest fool.
The only time I wore make up was when I
Was beaten badly.

It’s a different day now
I called the abuse hotline and got help somehow.

We don’t look over our shoulder,
My kids and I are much calmer.
Yesterday was bad.