Survivor Stories

I sat there with my heart in my hand

I sat there with my heart in my hand

Broken-hearted and unable to understand

My daughter and I were scared and crying in the car

This time he had really gone too far

Was it my fault? Did I make him do this to me?

I was hurt and confused but finally free!

You see, every night I’d go to bed fearing for my life

The day came he tried to kill me with a knife

As he beat me, our daughter looked so scared

I saw the devil inside him as his emotions flared

How could he hurt me if he said he cared?

I was four months pregnant. He showed no remorse

Savagely hurting me with incredible force

I still wondered “Could my kids have been next?”

Never knowing how far he could go if I put him to the test

He later wrote me from jail apologizing

Sending letters and drawings that were truly mesmerizing

My dad would always hit my mom

No one’s perfect, he’s not the only one…

Right? … Wrong!

I’ve decided it stops here, with me

There will be no more violence in my family

If you or someone you know needs help, call the Groundwork 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline at (815) 729-1228.