Survivor Stories

Helping Others From What I Have Been Through

If I could tell all the young girls out there one thing, it would be to believe in themselves and never count on a man to make them into something else, or count on them for love, but instead to count on themselves and love themselves first…..and to instead go out and do for yourself, because you can do it…..just believe in yourself!

If I could do one “do-over” in life, it would be to finish my college degree right out of high school, and not rush into a bad and abusive marriage, where I was always scared. Living like that for such a long time, and not being allowed to have an opinion or pursue my goals and dreams, was difficult; and has made me appreciate life even more, and made me work harder for the little that I have. Fear takes so much out of you, and keeps you from having any self-esteem or love for one self.

I could have been one of the many women who don’t survive their abuse, so I am grateful for everything I have. I am excited to be able to finally go back and finish school, re-build my life and pursue my dreams, and help as many people as possible.