Survivor Stories


Do not give up my dearest friend as you must push through, for this whole beautiful big world begins with you! Please do not let the poor experiences that you have endured close off your tender heart. I promise you that this world’s magnificence has truly been there from the start. Leaf through the world’s pages and find a place to jump in. I guarantee you once you have begun you will never want it to end! There are amazing things in this life for you to see and amazing things for you to do. Don’t you comprehend the power of your worth my dear friend. Understand that we all need you and that we all love and care for you. Smile in the face of adversity and laugh at all of its ignorance. Show adversity that you cannot be destroyed and that you cannot be broken! Stand up for your life my dear friend and fight for its justice! For you are not alone in this fight, we are all here standing with you! From your endurance you will gain your strength and then you will gain your knowledge. Life begins second by second, then minute by minute and hour to hour. As your days turn to weeks, your weeks turn to months and your months turn to years, you will see just how quickly time really does fly by. Look now my dear friend at just how far you have come! Look at what all you have conquered! I did not tell a lie, I told you from the start, that this whole beautiful big world was yours, now don’t you forget to do your part. Share all your new found wisdom with those that are just like us, for they need your help now, just as badly as you used to. Look at how powerful life can be when life becomes full circle. There is no greater price tag for this magnificent invaluable tool. You have just been exposed to the power of one of the best kept secrets in life. The key to it all is to help thy brother fight, help thy sister keep strong, for the power of this special family we are all apart of is unity and unity is allegiance and the power of our allegiance never ending! One final last but most important lesson of all, is for you to always remember my dearest friend, that all it takes to cure all…. is love!

“If there is only one thing that you can receive from this, my hope would be that when you are in your darkest moments and you are feeling that you are completely alone, that you know deep in your heart that there are people in this world that you don’t even know who love you and I am one of them.. You are not alone! I love you!”

If you or someone you know needs help, call the Groundwork 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline at (815) 729-1228.