Survivor Stories

Break the Silence

I have been where you are. I have seen what you see. I know the fear you feel. The endless doubt you think. I know the overwhelming indescribable pain that you feel deep in your heart. I know the feeling of a weak and weary soul that fights the decision to go on another day. I know the feeling of desperation and hopelessness of the coming days. You don’t have to say a word; I see your secret that you hide in your eyes. We are one of the same, kindred spirits that are forever bonded. I smile to you with eyes that hug your hurting soul. Come to me, for I am your shelter that will protect you from harm. Come to me, for guidance when you are unsure. Come to me, for strength when you feel that you are weak. Come to me, for the love that your tender heart will always seek. I love you for who you are, for the amazing person that is you! Take my hand now, feel its loving gentle grip. Feel your security in its touch. Join me now as we gather others that know our life and help me to help set them free as they deserve to be. Together we are strong! Together we are powerful! Together we have a voice! Together we will overcome and together we will conquer!

If you or someone you know needs help, call the Groundwork 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline at (815) 729-1228.