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Meet Our Speaker

KJohnson_PhotoAs a nationwide speaker, educator and storyteller on power-based violence Karli Johnson not only “knows her stuff”, she’s lived it. As a survivor of dating violence, sexual violence, bullying and trauma, Karli’s lived experiences resonate with children, teens and adults about the country. Karli has been a successful leader in violence prevention and promotion for over six years.

Today she travels the country educating children, teens and adults on the importance of violence prevention and speaking out against power-based violence. With a focus on pre-teens, teens and college-age populations, Karli’s unique approach in violence prevention emphasizes personal connection with audience members through stories, humor, audience discussions, participation and action plans. Karli shares her personal tragedies as well as statistics, information and best practice education methods to promote the importance of violence prevention. Based out of the Chicagoland region, Karli has presented to military groups, businesses, worldwide corporations, local organizations and hundreds and thousands of students from elementary school to colleges across the states.

This April, Karli will present a TEDx Talk at Northern Illinois University. As the co-founder of EVA Alliance, she works with local organizations to spread awareness on the issues surround child abuse, domestic violence and sexual violence through community events. When she’s not busying saving the world from violence, she loves brainstorming Halloween costumes and spending time with friends and family.
Twitter: @KarliEducates